For Sabarimala Pilgrims

With Sabarimala ( Nilakkal Parking ) located just 17 kms away, just about 30 minutes' drive from here, Muruppel Homestay is an ideal halt for Sabarimala pilgrims who come from far and other states. Once you are here, you can take a refreshing river bath and can take a break or sleep before you set off for Darshan. For Ayyappa devotees, we prepare special vegetarian food in our home kitchen with all the sancity and cleanliness it deserves. We can even prepare packed meals for your Darshan trip, so that there is no need to depend on basic, sometimes not very hygienic roadside shacks. If you prefer, you can park your car within our gated premises and probably take a taxi from here and leave the mountain terrain roads to a local driver who knows it like the back of his hand. The same driver can pick you up once you reach Pamba / Nilakkal after the darshan.

So as everything taken care of, why not make your next Sabarimala visit a lot more pleasant and convenient by staying at our beautiful and ideally located homestay at Angamoozhy ?
Swamiye.....Saranam Ayyappa.

Opening and closing of Sabarimala Temple 2023-2024 

Monthly Pooja Edavam 14/05/2023 to 19/05/2023
Prathishta Dinam 29/05/2023    30/05/2023
Monthly Pooja Midhunam 15/06/2023 to 20/06/2023
Monthly Pooja Karkkidakam 16/07/2023 to 21/07/2023
Monthly Pooja Chingam 16/08/2023 to 21/08/2023
Onam 27/08/2023 to 31/08/2023
Monthly Pooja Kanni 17/09/2023 to 22/09/2023
Monthly Pooja Thulam 17/10/2023 to 22/10/2023
Sree Chithra Atta Thirunal 10/11/2023 to 11/11/2023
Mandala Pooja Maholsavam 16/11/2023 to  30/11/2023
Mandala Pooja at 10pm on 27/12/2023
Makaravilakku Maholsavam 30/12/2023 to 20/01/2024
Makaravilakku 14/01/2024